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Early Music Queensland

Early Music Queensland brings together people with an interest in the music instruments and dance of the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods.

Early Music Queensland formally known as The Early Music Society of Queensland was founded in 1974. The initiative was from Geoff Wills, who was th e president for many years, together with Senator George Georges, who became the patron of the Society.

Geoff's main interest was instrument building. As a seaman, he had time to spare while at sea and a workshop in which he could indulge in his hobby . There are many viols made by Geoff around Australia and many viol players got started with his instruments. Geoff died in September, 2000.

The activities of the Society over the years have been varied. They include early music concerts, instrument making, workshops and meetings where p eople got together to play, sing or dance. The EMSQ organised the annual Easter Viol School in turn with groups in other states over a period of many years starting in about 1980.

Within the Society, there are singers and people who play string instruments (including viols), recorder, harpsichord, cornetto, shawm, crumhorn, ra ckett and many others.

Today Early music Queensland continue to provide events, activities and concerts for the benefit of its members and general public.
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